Krishna’s Transcendental Manifestations

Transcript of narration:
The localized expansion of the Supreme Soul is a spiritual reflection of Krishna. In His original form Krishna resides eternally in His own transcendental realm called Goloka. He assumes varieties of spiritually perfect forms and appears in the physical universe to curb the rise of materialism and tyranny which obstruct the spiritual progress of humanity. He does this in many different ways which are always good and just.

Matsya – appears at the time of the great inundation.

Kurma – who prevented the demonic rulers from gaining dangerous powers.

Varaha – challenged the vicious giant Hiranyaksa.

Nrisimha – annihilating Hiranyakasipu the great oppressor of the innocent.

Vamana – who saved the world from the despot Bali.

Parasurama – the warrior priest who drove out the brutal martial class.

Rama – exemplifying the perfect monarch who sacrificed His own happiness to uphold the principles of righteousness.

Krishna – appeared Himself to display His unsurpassed celebrated pastimes of love with His devotees.

Buddha – the royal prince who renounced His kingdom and taught religious principles in the form of nonviolence.

Kalki – still to come, will herald the change of universal time.