Goloka—The Spiritual Realm

Transcript of narration:
In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna promises that whoever perfectly and constantly meditates on Him will ultimately come to Him. This is the highest evolution of the liberated soul—direct relationship with Krishna in His own planet.

This is Goloka the spiritual realm. Here in Krishna’s abode all water is nectar, every word is a song, and every step a dance. Far from formless, the spiritual world is the origin of all forms emanating from the supreme form Krishna. All forms here are eternal, fully conscious, and blissful. Krishna is the original form and the human form is the reflection of that form.

Here standing on the bank of the Yamuna river, with the exquisitely beautiful Radha at His side, Krishna smiles and plays His enchanting flute. He appears as the central attractive figure enjoying varieties of divine loving exchange with the whole spiritual world. Every entity in the spiritual world—regardless of its particular form—enjoys full loving reciprocation with Krishna. When the devotees, peacocks, swans and all other living beings hear the sound of Krishna’s transcendental flute they swoon in ecstasy and tears of love fall from their eyes. All souls are potentially capable of reaching this state of love of God and Krishna promises to help those who long for it. Those souls who follow the path of Bhakti Yoga—devotional meditation—will at last evolve their original spiritual bodies. All of us are parts of the Supreme Soul Krishna, who is everlastingly beckoning us to return to His eternal abode.