God’s Universal Form

Transcript of narration:
Arjuna: My dear Krishna, I know You dwell in the hearts of every living being as the Supersoul and that You manifest Yourself in many different incarnations. Though I see You here before me I wish to know how You pervade this entire cosmic manifestation. If You think that I am able to behold this truth, kindly reveal it to me.

Krishna: My dear Arjuna, you can not see this Universal Self with your present eyes, therefore, I now give you divine eyes. Behold My mystic opulence which no one has ever seen or heard before. You will see that everything is contained within Me.

Arjuna: Oh Krishna! I see within You all living beings! I see Brahma sitting on the divine lotus… I see Shiva… many sages and celestial serpents! I see many forms, bellies, mouths, eyes— expanded without limit. You are inexhaustible. You are the origin without beginning, middle or end. You are spread the the skiy, planets and all space between. Oh Universal Lord! I am losing my equilibrium. Seeing Your radiant colors fill the skies and beholding Your eyes and mouths I am afraid. I see all life flowing from You and rushing back with great speed into Your divine form… covering the entire universe with your immeasurable rays… scorching the worlds! You are manifest. Oh Lord of lords please tell me who You are in this fierce form. Please be gracious to me. I desire to know Your purpose.

Krishna: Time I am; the mightiest! I have come to change all things. Oh Arjuna, behold My mystic plan. Through my own wisdom and love the souls of this world ever journey towards their supreme destination; Me, who am the reservoir of all pleasure.

Arjuna: Oh unbounded power, You are the father of this complete cosmic manifestation. No one can be greater than You or equal to You. Although I am glad that you have shown me this form yet fear disturbs me. Please bestow Your grace on me— Reveal again Your original form. Oh abode of the universe.

Krishna: Let this horrible feature be finished. With a peaceful mind you can now see My original form which is so dear to you. Oh Arjuna, only by undivided devotion can I be known as I am. Thus you can see Me directly sitting before you. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of understanding Me.