Choices on the Path of Life

Transcript of narration:
Man can control his destiny. As a spiritual being he can choose, by the expression of his free will, his path of life. If he chooses to descend the staircase in pursuit of temporary and flickering objects of the senses external forces take control of him and his free will becomes severely restricted. He comes under the law of Karma. Karma is the subtle but stringent law of action and reaction which operates even in the realm of consciousness. Under that law, the consciousness of one on the downward path degenerates to become like that of an animal.

Such a soul reincarnates after death into lower than human life forms. This is the result of misuse of free will.

The upward path begins with the acceptance of spiritual guidance and leads to the ultimate liberation of the soul from the bodily concept of life. Such a person perceives his pure soul and it’s relationship with God.