Through artistic dioramas of intricate life-size sculptures, you will be treated with an aural-visual delight, enlightening all in a 45-minute journey of the topmost of transcendental knowledge of Bhakti Yoga, the Bhagavad-gita.

The museum consists of eleven stunning dioramas of clay-work dolls which are in display since 1977. Reopened in June 2016 after renovation, the Diorama-museum of Bhagavad-gita combines India’s ancient yogic wisdom and sculpture artistry with America’s state-of-the-art multimedia technology.

To sonorous narration and ethereal music, about 200 luxuriantly costumed, nearly life-size painted clay figures enact cosmic dramas such as reincarnation, wherein twinkly diode "souls" light up in sequence between figures of an old man, a spooky corpse and a pulsating pink fetus.
Los Angeles Times
Through eleven dioramas, Krishna flutters about in disguise, at the reins of the senses, on the back of a Garuda — stunningly rendered and ornamented with lightning flashes, dramatic sound effects and a booming-voiced narrator who sounds eerily familiar.
LA Weekly
I thought it was great -- better than Disneyland, really. I mean, it's as valuable as that or the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. The sculpted dioramas look great, and the music is nice. It shows in a way that's easy for even a child to understand exactly how the body is different from the soul, and how the soul's the important thing.
George Harrison

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